How I build profitable creative brands (without spending my time on IG) in 7 easy steps

1.📈 Focus on strategy, not tactics

You need a strategy which means having a planned series of actions that lead to a clearly defined goal.

When I first failed at launching my brand I was doing the most. A blog, a website, a Pinterest account, a Twitter, an Instagram, a newsletter, a pretty Instagram grid. The most random things.

I didn’t have one client! Not one! 

Until I focused on building a brand strategy,  I gained clarity and increased consistency

2.✨ Be clear on who I want to serve ( my audience)

By trying to impact everybody, you will end up impacting nobody. And no, “everyone that likes what you do’ is not the right answer.

Why? Because for your message, your content to stand out and resonate, it needs to be clear and address specific needs.

I see it when I work with large brands and artists-entrepreneurs, not knowing who you want to serve will lead to creating only confusing content.

3.🔄 Define my main message and repeat, repeat, repeat.

Reputation = Repetition.

The more you harness the same message the greater impact you will have. Once I got clear on what I wanted to achieve, on how exactly I wanted to help a community of creative entrepreneurs…. I repeated my message, on my website, on my IG story, on interviews, whenever I met potential clients.

This message became part of my identity and helped me attract amazing clients, who shared my vision and my beliefs.

4.💌 Create sexy, attractive, engaging content that provide value

You don’t need a full production team and expensive camera to create great content. All you need is to be authentic and provide value.

The secret behind a brand that last is to consistently deliver value.

Go and get your phone, and start creating!

5.⚙️ Create and refine business processes to delegate and automate

The secret behind a profitable brand, is a brand that can be scaled by having processes that can be replicated and tasks that can be delegated.

The day I invested in reviewing my business model so I can automate and delegate part of the process, I was working less on boring tasks, creating more and making more money

6.🗓 Plan, + schedule content =  Enjoy a mojito on the beach

Posting content everyday, replying to comments, being on story 24/7… yeah that’s not for me. It’s exhausting.

By planning my content ahead, I ensure that my content is consistent and I only need to dedicate a few hours per months to plan and schedule ahead. 

I free myself some time to create more, spend more time with my family and enjoy a mojito on the beach.🌴🍸

7.💰 Invest in me as much as I believe in me

The moment I decided to bet on ME, invest in me, to learn from others who have already made it, it was the true game-changer.

Before being able to live my dream life, getting paid to do what I love, I failed a few times…. because I wasn’t ALL IN. I had one foot in, one foot out. The day I committed to create my own profitable brand and help creative entrepreneurs and artists do the same. This is when I saw the real transformation. 🚀

So just do it Boo. 


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