I have been listed in Yahoo!Finance in the 16 Business coach to know in 2021

Soooooo…. I have been featured in Yahoo! Finance in the list of 16 Business Coaches to know in 2021!💃🏽💃🏽
For real??!! Me?!

I have been coaching artists with their brand and business for over 2 years so this little recognition in the finance section is just Wow!!😱

For me Art & Money goes together… without money… how can you Create more? How can you make an impact?

If you are an artist or a creative entrepreneur and you want to start 2021 on the right foot, you want to make a greater impact, you want to see your perceived value INCREASE….I would love to help you scale your creative business.

I will be helping 100 more creative to build their brand online so they can attract their ideal clients and get paid to make an impact with their art !

If you haven’t attended one my free live creative workshop, you are missing out!

Sign-up now for the next session on this link :


What you will learn:

🔸 KEY METHOD TO OPTIMISE YOUR TIME SO YOU CAN MAKE AN INCOME WHILE MAKING AN IMPACT – Learn the approach so you don’t feel overwhelmed by social promotion and can spend more time in your zone of genius

🔸 HOW TO ATTRACT YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS WITH CONTENT THAT IS AUTHENTIC TO YOU –  Transform your followers into customers by applying key framework to start selling by telling your story

🔸 HOW TO HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA ALGORITHM WORKING AS YOUR SALES TEAM 24/7 – How to reach 1000 of your potential buyers with only 1-3 post/week even if you have a small following.

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