About me

I am Lauren b., I am a brand consultant. I help creative business owners creating their online brand, package their talent so they can make a greater impact and grow their business. I am passionate about people, culture & art.

From the french Caribbean island of Martinique, I have started my career in advertising agencies, in London. I previously lead digital strategies for global brands and I have decided to join my marketing skills and my passion for Art so I can help Artists branding themselves online and increase their visibility.

I have actually started as a graphic designer in Abu Dhabi more than 10 years ago but it’s in Strategy and Planning that I pursue my career. I have advised advertisers in Retail & Travel industries, such as Nespresso, Ted Baker, British Airways.

My travels nurtured my passion for people’s stories and Art. People around me usually ask me things like:  How did you create this cool video? What should I do to improve my online presence?’ I don’t get any tractions or sales on my website, can you help ?

I have created Make Your Mark, a 5 weeks online branding programme aiming at empowering creative entrepreneurs who wants to make more from their business.

Too often, very talented artists with fascinating stories are getting overwhelmed with marketing and branding, therefore their talents remain hidden . My dream is to be able to use my knowledge of digital advertising and my passion for Art to help creatives tell their story to a larger crowd.

I am on a mission to empower and lift the voices of talented experts !


Lauren b.


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Work with me

You get it! I like Art, people stories and I am an experienced brand marketer.

If you are a Creative and also an Entrepreneur, but you feel overwhelmed with the branding and marketing of your business… I want to help you!

Maybe you have created a website, an etsy store, tried to post on Instagram regularly and you have seen little to no results at all… No recognition, No Sales.. 100% overwhelmed.

Here are your options:

  1. Join me on MAKE YOUR MARK

a 5 week online branding programme where I will work with you in a small curated group of Makers and help you create and promote your brand online so you can reach the right people and attract more paid opportunities. It will only take you the time you spend scrolling Instagram ( booo ): 2 hours/ week


2. Book a 2 hours MARKING Coaching session

A 2 hours session where we will go through your goals and challenges. You will get my tips and advices on how to structure and improve your branding.




If you think we can work together, or simply would like to meet, feel free to get in touch!Get

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