3 Steps to design your ideal lifestyle in 2022 

Have you ever heard of Lifestyle Design Name? Here is the thing, I don’t do goal planning I Design My Lifestyle! As creatives I feel that this is right up our street, let’s design! Lifestyle Design is the practice of intentionally crafting a way of life that is aligned with who you are. With who you WANT to be.

How I build profitable creative brands (without spending my time on IG) in 7 easy steps

lauren working

1.📈 Focus on strategy, not tactics You need a strategy which means having a planned series of actions that lead to a clearly defined goal. When I first failed at launching my brand I was doing the most. A blog, a website, a Pinterest account, a Twitter, an Instagram, a newsletter, a pretty Instagram grid. …

I have been listed in Yahoo!Finance in the 16 Business coach to know in 2021

Soooooo.... I have been featured in Yahoo! Finance in the list of 16 Business Coaches to know in 2021!💃🏽💃🏽For real??!! Me?!I have been coaching artists with their brand and business for over 2 years so this little recognition in the finance section is just Wow!!😱 For me Art & Money goes together... without money... how …

building a brand in a post-covid World might be your best opportunity

post-covid world? when is that exactly?…Let’s be clear, we are yet to be in a post-pandemic situation and the economic, social and psychological effect will be felt for a long while… and yes it is exhausting. It is even more unsettling when we have no sight or control of what the future will look like.I …