building a brand in a post-covid World might be your best opportunity

post-covid world? when is that exactly?…
Let’s be clear, we are yet to be in a post-pandemic situation and the economic, social and psychological effect will be felt for a long while… and yes it is exhausting.

It is even more unsettling when we have no sight or control of what the future will look like.
I feel you. Yet I want to tell you, there is a unique opportunity for you.

Over the past couples of months, the way we shop and spend our money has already changed.  

“is it local?”, “is it sustainable?”. “is it black black-ownedHave you not been paying more attention to where you spend your hard-earned coins recently?

Selling good products and practising competitive pricing is not enough to stand out.
The brands that will stand out and thrive in the coming month and years will need to worry about more than the bottom line.

Now IS the best time to focus on sharing why you started, what impact you want to make, tell your story,  show up with authenticity, be transparent and commit.

And then suddenly it is not about YOU anymore.  it is about using your talent to serve a bigger purpose.

That is why I teach my clients how to use Story-selling framework as a way to sell with their story, so they can make an impact, make an income and can continue to serve their purpose. Voila!

Now finding your purpose and expressing it is not a solo job. Good leaders will demonstrate their strength by acknowledging they need help and collaboration with others to get to the right place.

Leading and showing up with authenticity and purpose can be what will make you stand out.

You don’t need to be a superhero or a tech titan to change the world.

You just have to be willing to put yourself out there. You have to be willing to share your talent.

Now in case you feel inspired to give it a go, start with this easy framework I shared

Lauren B.

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