The freedom of strategic planning

3 seconds is the average lifetime of an Instagram post in the news feed, yes that’s it.

It could be nerve-racking, cringe, scary, to put yourself out there and show your work on Instagram.

“What would people think? “ “What if they don’t get it ?” , “What if they think is weird?”

Yes for some reasons, showing up with authenticity raises all sort of doubts and fears… because we care.

I get it. I have been there.

Let me try and put you at ease… 

  1. Your content is likely to be seen by 20% of your audience.
  2. Your post will be in their news feed for about 3sec before they scroll onto the next post.

These are actual stats from Instagram algorithm.

Now is it really worth being so anxious, feeling all kind of ways about what to post for 3 sec of fame? You tell me.

I used to post on my Instagram late at night, just before going to bed so I wouldn’t have to keep refreshing the app to see if my content went viral or make a total flop.

My secret to overcome this fear is to Plan ahead.

When I feel brave, or inspired ( yes it does happen…)  I prepare, write and plan my content and I schedule it. So I don’t have to think about it again and it just get posted when I am busy doing other things. At least it is DONE.

Planning is the key to Freedom. Plus it saves me a bunch of time, allow me to be strategic in what I post and when. That way I can strategically create content that will make so my audience to actually pay attention and stop scrolling.

It’s win-win.

I am hosting a Free Creative Workshop where I will share strategies to help you stand out, build your brand without feeling pressure to show up on social media. You can sign up here

I have been working as a Strategic Planner for a decade in advertising so I do know 1 thing or 2 about planning to get a brand from point A to point B.

BUT.. planning a holiday, a dinner date with friends or even my own birthday.. OMG! Please I need a Virtual Assistant to sort me out!

The irony!

Planoly has been my favourite planning partner for years! If you need some extra motivation to get you started, I have 50% off for you ! On the link below


Anyways, be brave, show up, plan ahead!

Happy Planning!

See you Live in the Creative Workshop 😉

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