5 Branding principles for creators

There’s no doubt that there are many creatives on the web who are unique, talented and provide a high-quality product or service. The huge differentiator between the successful ones who establish their brand and those who get forgotten is, without a doubt, effective brand building.

Most people think of branding as a logo, a website, and a business card…. but this is just the surface, the visual brand identity.

“Your brand is what people people say about you when you are not in the room”

Jeff Bezos

Being talented, creative and motivated is great but it can only get you so far… understanding the business side of thing with notions such as branding and marketing are essentials to make a transition from amateurs to entrepreneurship and make a living using your creativity…

5 principles to get you started… Let’s go!

1.Be crystal clear on your mission

Before doing anything.. pause. Take some time to think about WHY you are doing what you are doing. What is motivating you.? Why should anyone care? What is your dig dream?

The clearer you get on your vision the clearer your brand message will be. Once you are clear on that… Just repeat, repeat, repeat!

2. Consistency is key

Consistency is the KEY, most important element to build a strong brand. There are many platforms on which you can promote your products and services, online or offline, which is why it is ESSENTIAL that people that follow you perceive you in the same way everywhere they look for you.

That applies to your name, your bio, the colour you use, What information you are sharing. Imagine you being Sylvia The Painter on Instagram and Sisi_La_Praline on Twitter?? Confusing..

It doesn’t mean that you can’t like a lot of different thing and be a human being with various interests and passions. But maybe not everything needs to be shared and if you want to share your passion for painting, astronomy and cooking all together… then share them all, CONSISTENTLY.

3. Build genuine relationships

Social media and e-commerce have somewhat de-humanise business relationships. Sadly, people sometime forget that behind a sale on a website, it’s a person, who like what they see, like the values that the seller has and is ready to ‘ invest’.

When you start, connecting with you audience is particularly important. The Law of Diffusion of Innovation states that for the masses to adopt your products of services you first need to convince the innovators. They are the hard core believers willing to “try” and will also be the first one to spread the word out.

So find your “Innovators’, cherish them, nurture relationships with them, be generous and genuine, treat them well… and you will see the rewards down the line.

4. Be authentic

Going back to point 1. Once you are crystal clear on your mission, use this at your compass for everything YOU do…. What others are doing on Instagram doesn’t matter anymore, you don’t have any competition anymore. You can just focus on being YOU. Focus on Your Mission and sharing it with the world.

Let me warn you… It’s not easy. Sharing your work whilst being authentic requires being exposed, being vulnerable and it can feel uncomfortable. BUT it’s all worth it. I promise.

5. Eyeballs, Eyeballs, Eyeballs

For a brand to exist it needs to be SEEN by a large amount of people. It’s a number game baby… Once your message and brand identity is clear, just put it out there in as many places and as many times as you can without even counting…. When you feel like a broken record… this is when you should even put it out even more!

Remember, people you are trying to get attention from might have seen your content 2 out of 10 times. So… you can keep going…

If you are a Creative and also an Entrepreneur, but you feel overwhelmed with the branding and marketing of your business… I will be happy to help you!

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