A go-to guide for creative support during coronavirus

As creatives around the globe are feeling the impact of the pandemic, it’s spurring a wave of support from people and companies keen to help.

Read on for CR’s guide to the programmes and initiatives that are on offer to help creatives through an uncertain time.

Remote access to Adobe Creative Cloud for students and educators
Adobe has opened up its Creative Cloud apps for students, so they can have free, temporary ‘at-home’ access until the end of May. Universities must apply on students’ behalf.

Free premium Skillshare membership for students
Skillshare is offering high school and college students – with a .edu or .k12 email address and over the age of 16 – free two-month memberships. Its collection of online classes cover design, illustration and photography taught by the likes of Aaron Draplin and Jessica Hische.

Portfolio reviews with illustration agency Handsome Frank
Artists in lockdown can video chat with the agents at Handsome Frank, who are doing video portfolio reviews with anyone that sends them a link to their work, tagged with #hfreview.

Junior creative book reviews
Up and coming young creatives from around the world can add their name to this lengthy Google Sheet, to be paired with a senior creative for a portfolio review.

Student and graduate portfolio advice from Studio DBD
Manchester-based Studio DBD has opened up its DMs to students and graduates in need of advice or portfolio support.

Studio DBD@studiodbd

Birmingham Design Slack community
Designers and creatives in the West Midlands can stay in touch – and help curb some of that quarantine boredom – via the Birmingham Design Slack, which invites people to chat, swap tips, and compare woes.

The Illustrators Slack
There’s quite a community building over on The Illustrators Slack, set up by Ben The Illustrator. It’s currently 500+ members strong, and accepting new ones every day. DM Ben on Twitter to join.Ben The Illustrator @BenIllustrator

We now have a private Slack channel for illustrators, 100+ members already, to help get through the current stuff but also build a community for the future.

View image on Twitter

The Dots Coronavirus support feed
Questions about freelancing, working from home, or anything else creativity and Coronavirus-related? The Dots has set up a support page where people can pick up tips and share their worries.

Agency owners and directors Slack
Ben Steers has set up a Slack workspace for agency owners and directors to share info and resources, as well as work opportunities for anyone struggling with the impact of Covid-19. Contact him to be added.

Marguerite’s Freelancers Unite
Women’s members’ club Marguerite is inviting freelance job seekers and people looking for freelancers to share their details via the site, in the hope that it might help anyone facing missing income over the coming months.

For UK based businesses : Covid-19 Small Business Government Grant
The UK government has announced small businesses that already pay little or no business rates will be eligible for a one-off coronavirus grant worth up to £3,000. However, last night (17 March), the Chancellor increased this amount to £10,000. This link above is a great start.

Attend a Virtual event or class

A lot of events are now happening to online and a lot of them are free! From guided meditation, to dinner party, virtual classes or even online museum tour… There is so much happening! Join in!

Review of your Instagram account
I will review your Instagram account and help transform your visitors into followers, your followers into buyers, and start attract more paid gigs, collaborations and clients when all this crisis is over.

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