Big Thinking vs Big Numbers

I have wrote this piece back in 2014, and I think this is very valuable in 2016 🙂


Working as a Digital Specialist in a global agency is amazing! You have an overview on all the cool or not so cool things that are being done from a digital marketing perspective across the world and I am truly amazed and passionate to see where the industry is going (I will need at least 3 posts to talk about this), but I what I would like to highlight here is the balance that brands need to consider when it comes to what you can do and what you should do, because you can really do everything and anything!

Yes, I am working in online marketing, and yes I like numbers, I like the fact that you can track and optimise everything and that a brand can have control over its media performance.

It’s not complicated or rocket science. Any digital marketers would know the tricks to get cheap Facebook…

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