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Right, here is my first post of the year. After a long, nice and relaxing break back home where I found time to disconnect from work, reconnect with my family, my culture, read, catch-up with my friends and so on. On my first day back into work today, after having caught up on Industry news : trends report, 2017 economic predictions etc.. I actually feel very  inspired to write about one of my favourite topic : PEOPLE & SOCIETY.

2016 – The year that we want to forget.

If I believe the Facebook status of my friends on December 31st, it seems that 2016 was a year that everybody was happy to see ending with the hope that 2017 will be better. 2016 was the year of Division (The Brexit, Election of Trump..) of Injustice ( Raise of the Black Live Matter movement) and of Violence ( Multiple terrorist attacks in Western countries, Crisis in Syria). It makes me think that:

We feel insecure and have lost trust in Humanity…to find refuge in technology.


Technology going mainstream leads to fewer but better interactions with others.

`With Artificial Intelligence going mainstream with products such as Amazon Go, Facebook ChatBot or even Siri, the way we interact with others has changed, the way we build relationships with others has changed.

I think we are less likely to talk to a complete stranger unless we really want to or have to. Back in the days, our parents would build relationships with  Sophie from the corner shop because they would buy from the same shop, every day at the same time and just say “My usual please !” This type of relationship/conversation will probably soon be over, which leaves ‘space’  to nurture other types of relationships, no matter the distance separating two individuals, they are ones we chose to maintain: work colleagues, close friends, family, travel soulmates etc..

We are probably the generation who will be happy to ban ‘Small Talk’ and have more meaningful conversation and relationship. As Tim Lott  says in his article for the Guardian.


As robots are capable of doing more and more, being self-sufficient is the key to freedom.

We are more focused on acquiring transferable skills rather than climbing the career ladder as our parents did. We want to be the best version of ourselves, want to have the key to be successful.”StrengthsFinder 2.0″ by Tom Rath is  second  of The top selling books of 2016 

Jacinto said from New York City. “Even though you have this job right now, it doesn’t mean it’s going to look the same 10 years from now.”

The future feels uncertain but we see flexibility, such as remote jobs as the key to freedom.

Interest towards ‘remote jobs’ has considerably increased in 2016.


We are exposed and inspired by success stories of personalities such as Mark Zuckerberg,  Brian Acton and Jan Koum, founder of Whatsapp, and so on, who have built their success from a school project with their laptops or whilst traveling abroad.

We feel capable of being successful even without a traditional  sedentary job.


2016 has been the year we have realised how divided our society is.

Divided between the ones who are scared of globalization and the ones who embrace it

Divided between the ones who feel threatened by technology and progress and the ones who embrace it

Divided between the ones who lives in cosmopolitan cities and the ones who don’t

Divided between the ones who advocate loves and unity and the ones who champion hate and division

2017, is the year 1 in numerology,  the year  of new beginnings and unity…Bring on 2017!

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