Raw Beauty


Millenials opting for healthy life choices, through organic natural and slow foods , is not a trend anymore and has become mainstream.

The trends of going for Raw and Natural is also noticeable in the world of beauty.

Women show up their true-self, natural. Events such as like Alicia Keys stopping wearing make-up, and the #NoMakeUpChallenge Social Media buzz are only a few signs of the new  revolution.

It’s a Revolution against the beauty standards imposed by the Industry, it’s a revolution of Women standing up for who they really are, their raw self.

The Movement Video series from ELLE is telling stories of women through artistic performance. My favorite are the ones from Dancer Rachel McLaren and tap star Chloe Arnold.


Ikea new advertising campaign has decided to move from the glossy, perfectly clean homes to instead showcase “real people in real living situations that anyone could relate to”.


Lifestyle photography also tempt to represent real-life situation rather than ‘put together’ scenario.



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