Ensuring Nespresso content is always on brand

For Nespresso, Premium coffee brand, it’s crucial that its communication material is always premium, on brand, relevant to users whilst adapted to each platforms.

When working with Nespresso Global team, I have been tasked to work on a content playbook aiming at writing the content rules for the brand, for each social channels  (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest). The content guidelines would then be shared to the local markets as their bible to create content, ensuring a consistent representation of the brand across all markets.

What was my role ?

As a media specialist, my role has been to be the channels expert for the creative teams.

Helping the creative understand people behaviour on each platform

I have guided them into understanding how people behave differently on Facebook versus on Youtube for example, and how the content can be adapted in order to feel native to each platforms, whilst staying true to Nespresso brand .

On Facebook, users come to be entertained, and are surrounded of content from their friends and family but also from various ads. As users are surrounded with loads on content, Facebook content should be entertaining, thumb-stopping and using visual codes relevant to the user.

Infuse creative thinking with paid media principles

Paid media targeting, enables content to be tailored to each audience, location, interests, digital behaviour etc.. My role has been to inform creative of paid media capabilities in order to get them to create content that can adapted for each audience group.

Each platforms has different paid media capabilities, targeting options and ad formats available. I have shared this knowledge in the content playbook

Creative best practice

When going ahead with writing the content guidelines, we have quickly realised that pretty much everything is possible to do, but what are the best practices? what drive best results and brand recognition ?

With the help of platforms representative, I have also written content best practice (video length, keywords optimisation, with our without logo, artistic or realistic). This best practices were based on recommendations from the platforms themselves but also from social media knowledge I have gathered from past experience.


See below a few key social content from Nespresso.

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