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Helping creative businesses and entrepreneurs to build a money-making brand online.

You get it! I like Art, Culture and I am an experienced brand marketer.

Do you want to build a brand image which is unique to you,  attract more clients, making social platforms working hard for  you?
Maybe you have created a website, an etsy store, tried to post on Instagram regularly and you have seen little to no results at all… No recognition, No Sales.. 100% overwhelmed.
My expertise is in helping you building a brand on social media from scratch so you can generate leads and stand out by packaging what makes you unique.

Let’s work together !

101 Intensive Workshop Session

Stressing about Instagram… or business in general?
Pick my brain on your Brand image online so that you can start attracting more paid clients from social media, already.
Leave with a 30-day action plan so that you know exactly what you need to do, week by week.
Sound exactly like what you need ?

Book 2 hours with me to cover your *one big question* on business, Brand ,Instagram,  or whateva! – and walk away with clarity and a plan of action.

Included is a custom plan for your business, a recording of the call.

Make Your Mark – Online branding course

Join a community of creative Makers, photographers, designers, illustrators, art event owners, painters, podcasters, in Make Your Mark.
A 5 week online branding programme where I will work with you in a small curated group of Makers and help you create and promote your brand online so you can reach the right people and attract more paid opportunities. It will only take you the time you spend scrolling Instagram ( booo ): 2 hours/ week

Join the creative makers in Make Your Mark, last enrolment for 2020 is on December 9th. Attend Free creative workshop to find out more.

I’ll do it for you

Do you have a big project that will need an expert hands-on throughout? That’s for me 🙂
If you are launching a creative event, a Festival, opening a Gallery or a pop-up show and need a high quality branded campaign with branded content to attract people and customers, you know your time will be best used doing anything but online marketing, this option is for you.
I will work with you to create a bespoke brand strategy plan and work with my network of experts ( videographers, painters, photographers, event managers) to implement your brand campaign.

Tell me about your project :


3 Steps to design your ideal lifestyle in 2022 

Have you ever heard of Lifestyle Design Name? Here is the thing, I don’t do goal planning I Design My Lifestyle! As creatives I feel that this is right up our street, let’s design!

Lifestyle Design is the practice of intentionally crafting a way of life that is aligned with who you are. With who…

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