Increase American Express memberships

The Amex Platinum Card offers loads of very attractive benefits to its members, however, sign-ups are in decline as potential members don’t really understand all the benefits the card has to offer.

There are a few attractive benefits when you are a Platinum Card holder, such as

  • Access to airport lounges
  • Travel insurance for the family
  • Hotel concierge service
  • Access to exclusive events
  • etc…

What is the challenge Amex is facing?

Eligible Platinum Card Members have to answer a few financial criteria to be granted a Platinum Card. Amex is struggling to reach their niche eligible audience to get them to consider signing up for a card.

Amex is also creating a ton of social content every month, that not many people see as the content is not boosted through paid media on Amex owned platforms.

They are currently driving traffic with generic ads to their website encouraging prospects to sign-ups but very few users are eligible.

What was my role?

My role in this project has been to collaborate with Planners and Content Strategist to design a social campaign personalised for Amex prospects with highly relevant creative.

The strategy has been to identify Amex Platinum Prospects through micro-targeting, by selecting advanced behaviours and interests targeting criteria and then create a personalised consumer journey that would highlight each Amex Platinum card benefits to the relevant audience to encourage them to sign-up.

What was the campaign in a nutshell?

The Big Idea was based on FOMO ( Fear Of Missing Out). Frequent Travelers might not be keen on paying £450 for an Amex Platinum Card where benefits are unclear but would be willing to pay for a service that allows them to make time, such as enjoying the airport Lounge whilst waiting for the next flight or living unique moments at exclusive events!

The idea has been to reach key prospects audience around key moments and places with the messaging: “If you had Amex Platinum, you could have benefited from ….”  and later through retargeting, to encourage them to sign up on the website or with ‘in-platform’ ad formats.

I have applied micro-targeting and a retargeting approach in order to reach relevant users with the right message at the right time and encourage them to sign-up.

Below an excerpt from the final presentation…

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