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British Airways, the largest airline in the UK, offers exclusive advantages to its BA Card Members. When you are a BA card holder, anytime you travel, you are accumulating points, called Avios points, which you can use to get discounts to travel to some destinations. The more Avios points you collect the more attractive the offers are, obviously!

So what’s BA challenge?

BA Members are also part of many different airlines loyalty programmes. Whilst BA has developed many tools to help members understand better what they can do with their points, Cards members are still struggling to understand the value of their points and therefore they feel frustrated as they don’t know how and when to take advantages of those points.

What was my role?

My role in this project has been to collaborate with the creative and planning team, the BA client themselves, to design a social advertising campaign, personalised to BA Card Members. I’ve advised on the audience segmentation, informed by social targeting, on the messaging per audience group and on the consumer journey to encourage BA Cardmembers to redeem Avios.

The campaign strategy has informed the creative brief, the consumer journey on social and the media plan.

What was the campaign approach ( in a nutshell) ?

The role of social has been to help BAEC Members understand how they can redeem their Avios points in meaningful ways by making every Avios point feel valuable.

The value of Avios is Unique to every member depends on their level of Avios points( CRM data segmentation), their relationship status ( single, couple, parents) and their location ( in the US or in the UK).

The social campaign will address each member in a personalised way with attractive destination based on their profile.


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