Instagram, the Art Gallery for all

My first ever Instagram post, was… Artistic. Well at least the filter was. This post reminds me how simple the platform was back then. Today, Instagram is empowering all creative minds and continues to influence the Art scene.


The visual platform was initially created to share instant moments, allowing everyone to reveal their artistic flair with the simple use of photo filters.

Years later, Instagram unleashed a new form of mobile, digital and interactive art. The platform also gave a voice to ALL artists👩‍🎨 who can’t afford to exhibit at MoMa but are just as talented.

How has Instagram influenced the Art Scene?

I do think that Instagram has brought a new light to the art scene.

The last exhibition I saw was Jean-Michel Basquiat at the Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris. I really enjoyed it. I have enjoyed seeing the evolution of the work of the artist and I particularly appreciated understanding where his inspiration was coming from.

Jean-Michel Basquiat
exhibition Fondation Louis Vuitton

The exhibition was curated by Head Curator Suzanne Page. Stories is what add that emotional layer to Art. Curators help us to better understand the Artist’s work, however it’s an interpretation, not a story told by the Artists themselves.

Like I told my talented artist friend,  Antonio Figuero : ‘You are not selling paintings, you are selling stories!’

Stories behind the painting matter just as much as the painting itself, if not more.

Can Art be separated from the Artist?

Earlier this year, Spotify announced that they pulled out Xxx Tentacion and R Kelly’s music from their playlist. Both Artists demonstrated hateful conduct, which was not aligned with Spotify Policy.

We have also seen Nike leveraging Kaepernick voice for its brand advertising.

More and more people put their money where their values are. Just like brands, Artists can hardly hide from the public eye.

On Instagram, the Artist IS the Curator.

Creatives have control on how they want to tell their stories, how they want to sell and exhibit their art. Instagram is like an Art Gallery accessible to all, and the Artists are now their own curators. I find this so empowering!

Instagram has somehow democratised art. The art world is and always has been extremely inaccessible to most people. Instagram allows those from all walks of life to experience art. Not only does social media make art more accessible to view, but it also creates more opportunities for artists to make work and exhibit work, reach a wider audience, and even make a living.

Art is about the stories told.

Instagram has given a voice to all artists, bringing diverse stories to the forefront, facilitating unexpected collaboration. Just like this Instagram Photographer, and Young Thug collaboration at Miami Art Week.


I highly recommend you to watch this documentary from Vice :

Here’s How A Viral Instagram Infiltrated Miami Art Week

I am not gifted or talented. I can’t create BUT I know how to tell stories using digital platforms, being able to empower creative telling their stories online is what is motivating me to wake up in the morning!

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