Telling Nespresso’s coffee expertise story


The portion coffee landscape has changed drastically over the past years with the arrival of numerous compatible capsules in the market, often cheaper and of varying quality. Although Nespresso’s coffee quality and sustainability credentials are superior, this difference is not always perceived by the consumer. Nespresso’s challenge was to educate consumers about its coffee expertise and sustainability approach without being too dry, whilst also capitalising on the wealth of stories to tell around its Grand Crus.


We wanted to educate the consumers on the quality and expertise of Nespressoin an interactive and engaging way. To do this, we turned the informative stories behind 5 iconic Grand Crus into engaging experiences in one of the most innovative and immersive social formats: Facebook Canvas; a mobile-only format allowing us to serve a series of engaging stories in the palm of the consumers’ hands.


My role as the social strategist for Nespresso has been to get a better understanding of the target audience and create customised consumer journey and personalised key message for each audience. I have also provided paid media recommendations to ensure that we would use most relevant ad formats and paid media tactics in order to take users through the funnel from awareness to conversion.
I have used various research and social insights tools to then create different consumer journeys for each audience groups: Club Members, In-market and Prospects audience. The strategy has informed the creative brief
I have also created a KPI framework that enabled us to measure the success of this campaign, from an awareness, engagement and conversion perspective.


The campaign has been launched in several markets. Specific tracking and a brand effect study has been run in the UK.

The campaign view reached a remarkable 28 million impressions. The canvas format resulted in higher engagement than other traditional formats. We observed canvas view durations of up to two times longer than normal, and engagement rates up to 4 times higher than normal on a broad audience, proving that the canvas format truly allowed viewers to deep dive in our expertise story.

A Facebook brand lift study also showed direct impact of the campaign on the brand: ad recall increased significantly by 8 points (vs 5points for benchmarks on other similar brands) and the favourability towards Nespresso brand increased by 7 points (vs 1point for benchmarks on other similar brands).

Finally, the Nespresso brand tracking study showed an increase of 6points on the item ‘Offers superior quality coffee’, demonstrating the excellent delivery of the key message.

 Video case study here :
Webby Awards entry >here <

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