Inspiration: Women empowerment, entrepreneurship and politic in Fashion

There is a noticeable shift in what working age women, of this day and age, are interested in.  Women’s interest in business news and entrepreneurship has drastically increased over the year, as seen by Youtube search trend

Outside of work, women still want to learn—about way more than beauty and parenting.

Millenials Mums are not only parents. Being a parent is part of their life but they are actually balancing work, life and parenting pretty well.

Youtube ads leaderboard is demonstrating that advertisers have jumped on the trend by addressing Women Empowerment in their communication. Here are a few advertisers who have successfully jumped on the trend 🙂

The trend can also be seen in the Fashion Scene.  Women’s Street Style during  Fashion Week in London, New York, Paris and Milan were screaming Politic, Woman and Power. with a pinch of sassiness!  The power-dressing codes are being revised. The modern version of the Chanel suit is now the smart jumpsuit, adapted for women always in action !

Millenials Women, are using technology, access to information, social media to become business leaders on their own terms… and I must say, I love to see that!

I have created a board to illustrate this trend: Feminism & Fashion Politics.

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