T R I B E | Strategic framework

By Lauren Boniface


An example of what a Collaboration between brands & artist community can look like

The objective is to leverage the community of creators to scale, increase impact, and engagement.

Find the GAP

Find the gap between where the brand is, where it want to be and identify growth opportunities.

Take a stand

We’ll work together to clearly identify and communicate around your brand purpose., to engage with authenticity around the values that you care about.

The ambassadors

We will identify a list of leaders, influencers, industry experts, partners and creators who share similar values to be the ambassadors and actively promote what the brand stand for.

Give & Get rules

Exclusive reward, brand experience, exclusive content, discounts on products, invitation to exclusive events, there are many ways to reward loyal customers and encourage them to become brand advocates.

Inner Circle

Define a content strategy to cultivate a sense of belonging and bring the community together, in real life and online.

Celebrate the community

Celebrate the community to make them feel included, by showcasing their content, acknowledging their success.