Perfect pitch

How I landed £10k contract with my ideal client

Attracting the right client, getting the right contract, getting paid for doing what you love really starts with how you are introducing yourself…

Are you highlighting the competitive advantage of your offering? Are you clear on the problem you are solving? Are you positioning yourself as an authority?

Well I have an answer for you. Get the exact email template that lands me my first 10k contract and many more clients.


I am Lauren b., I am a brand consultant. I help creative business owners creating their online brand, package their talent so they can make a greater impact and grow their business. I am passionate about people, culture & art.

From the french Caribbean island of Martinique, I have started my career in advertising agencies, in London.

I previously lead digital strategies for global brands.

I have actually started as a graphic designer in Abu Dhabi more than 10 years ago but it’s in Strategy and Planning that I pursue my career.  

My mission is to be able to use my knowledge of digital advertising and my passion for Art to help creatives tell their story to a larger crowd.