FROM 0 to 100 – Get paid doing what you love in 2020

Cracking up the formula to create the RIGHT content, for the RIGHT audience to get paid doing what I love what a loonngg journey of trials and failures.

My first attempt at launching my own business was in 2014…. 
I did the most: market research, competitors research, logo, ALL the social media accounts, a blog, a website… oh boy…it was time consuming !

It was a total Flop…

Luckily I didn’t let that stopped me. I spent the next years working with 100 of creatives on cool brands like Adidas, Mastercard… learning about content and creative strategies…

Fast forward in 2018, I launched my own Creative consultancy and in the first 6 months I was invited to lead a Digital Creative workshop for TedX, was a guest speaker at the Future of Media.                                   

In the same 6 months, I had two clients successfully launching their brand online – One was a visual artist, the other one was a singer-songwriter.

When I decided to finally launch my OWN brand, I had no followers, no website… so How did I do to successfully launch in 6 months?

One Strategy I used : STORY-SELLING

The art of story-selling lies into creating content that, connect, engage and inspire trust.
This is the method I used:

·        INSPIRE: Share your story, your inspiration, your process behind the scene and get your future buyers engaged

·        INFORM: Be specific about what you do. What type of Art, what is it about? 

·        ACTION: Tell your supporters what do you want them to do. Click to your website, send you a Direct Message or Buy your art or prints

When we spend 2 hours per day scrolling Instagram, we get exposed to over 5000 messages per day!  It’s overwhelming, it’s noisy!  When it’s your turn to get people attention, help them choosing YOU by keeping it simple.  Go minimal, get rid of the fluff, FOCUS on the ONE thing you want them to do.

Use this framework and focus each piece of content on ONE specific Action and ONE goal. That way you are taking your future buyers on a journey to help them choose you, using your authentic voice 😉

In my Creative Workshop we will cover various strategies to help you stand out with your story and put all your promotion on auto-pilot so you can gain visibility whilst spending more time creating work.

I will also show you how to:

o   Create a visual identity unique to you

o   Identify and reach your most valuable supporters

o   Position what you stand for, and stand out with what makes you unique.

o   Make an impact without overdoing it for Instagram

o   Understand what do people like about your Art.


Cheers to your thriving creative lifestyle!

Lauren b.

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