Branding for art festival

Strategies to promote your art festival on social media

Film, Art, Jazz, Food, Dance festivals…There are thousands of festivals happening each year in the Caribbean, here is a guide to getting attention for your own festival.

Social media is playing a major role before, during and after a festival to build momentum, awareness and engagement.

If you’re organizing an event which brings a big, diverse bunch of people into one place, then keep on reading…

I am Lauren. A digital brand consultant with over 10 years experience, specialised in creative and art businesses.

From Martinique, I started my advertising career in London and have decided to join my digital marketing skills and my passion for art to lift the voices of Caribbean Talents.

This is what I can help you with:

Stand out with your brand

It’s easy to get lost in the crowd with so many festivals happening…. but every festivals has something unique to offer. Do you know what makes your event unique? Do your crowd knows what makes you unique?

Before you start talking about Who and What is going to happen during your event, you would want to tease your audience with Why your event exist, what is the mission and vision behind it.

Make sure that your Brand Identity is consistent throughout, across offline and online supports. Visuals. photo guidelines, colour choices should be consistent throughout to stand out.

Raise engagement and buzz on social media

If you want your festival to buzz and go viral on social media, you need to encourage and facilitate mention and tag of your event name and get people to share their experience, live

There are simple things that you can do to encourage people to post about the festival and tag your page as much as possible.

  1. Create a festival hashtag and use it across ALL your comms material ( flyer, cups, tickets, website etc..)
  2. Run a contest before the event to encourage people to use your hashtag and raise awareness
  3. Set-up Instagrammable moment during the event ( photo booth, cute location) so people want tag your saying “I was here”
  4. Encourage vendors, ambassadors, and partner to tag you
  5. Have social listening ready to monitor mentions and interact with users.

Build and nurture your audience

Target for most festivals is to get bigger and attract more people each year. You could use a few of the approaches cited above to raise awareness and reach out to a wide audience. You also need to think about and nurture your regulars. People coming back to your event each year can become your Brand Advocates and spread the word on your behalf. 

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Gather data. More and more people are travelling from all over the world to attend various events, if you put in place a way to gather their email addresses, you can grow a database of attendees that you will grow year after year.
  2. Keep in touch. Having a strategy in place to keep in touch with past attendees with exclusive content, giveaways and discount can go a long way and encourage them to spread the love about your event.

Video recap de STEP IN Martinique

Let’s make your festival go viral on social media

I want to help you promote your art event on social media by sharing with you my branding and strategy expertise on social media. I have helped 100 of creatives businesses get brand recognition and sales on social media.